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The Gyre

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Introducing the The Gyre. Our newest, most technological model yet. Easily light joints, blunts, candles, cigarettes, etc. with it's quick light vortex design! Switch from harmful, plastic lighters to a durable, Metal Alloy Phenom Lighter Today!

The Gyre Phenom Lighter Contains the Following:

  • Large, Vortex Heat Coil Ignition system
  • A Touch-Screen, Quick Turn On Interface.
  • Fully Rechargeable Battery that Includes a Micro USB cord to recharge.
  • An Accurate Battery Gauge that lights up to display the precise charge percentage of your lighter.
  • Tungsten Allow Frame that will Keep the Heat Contained to the lighter and fall damage to a minimum.
  • Magnetic Flick Cap (just like the one Zippo Lighters have)
  • Choose from Five Different Colors!


Buying one of our lighters guarantees you success with every light up no matter what the conditions are! The Phenom Lighter truly replaces disposable, plastic lighters for good.


We ship both domestically and internationally. We understand you want your Phenom Lighter as fast as possible after ordering so we will work hard to do just that! Your order matters a lot to us so we want to give you the best customer service possible. If you have any questions about your order, our products DM us through instagram or email us at