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Rose Gold V2 Phenom Lighter

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Ever lose your lighter? How about lighting up in the wind? Or how about when they just don't work?

These are all questions that come with the infamous plastic lighter. That is why we made the Phenom Lighter.

The Phenom Lighter beats the plastic lighter because when you buy a Phenom Lighter, you're buying a lighter that comes with no other questions.

The V2 Phenom Lighter Contains the Following:

  • Large, Double Arc Ignition system
  • Fully Rechargeable Battery that Includes the Correct USB cord to Recharge your Lighter.
  • An Accurate Battery Gauge that will tell you if your lighter will last the next few lights.
  • An Unscratchable Full Touch-Screen LED Screen.
  • Turn on and off your Lighter by just Tapping on the Thumbprint.
  • Choose Between Three Different Animals for your Full-Screen Design.
  • Unscratchable Tungsten Frame that will Keep the Heat Contained to the lighter.
  • Magnetic Flick Cap just like the one Zippo Lighters have.

Buying one of our lighters guarantees your success on every light you strike up. We personally were getting annoyed by the constant inconsistency that came with plastic lighters. The Phenom Lighter replaced my plastic lighter and now I never have to worry about lighting up or getting my smoke on.

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