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Multi-Color Phenom Lighter

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Things you NEED to know about Phenom Lighters

  • Every time you buy a plastic lighter, you’re giving in to the constant growth of harmful plastic trashlet alone the intoxicating particles gas contains.
  • Buying a Phenom Lighter will remove all the negative effects plastic disposable lighters leave.
  • To add Extreme Durability to the lighter, we use a special Manganese Alloy (3003) which is harder to dent and harder to scratch.
  • You have probably seen the different animal drawings each lighter can choose from...Did you know that we spend up to 5 days handcrafting the animal into the 2mm thick tempered glass screen?
  • Phenom Lighters are 100% electric so you will know when your lighter is charging or dead with the indicating battery gauge.
  • Easy-to-Use Ignition allows you to simply press on the thumbprint activation system to turn your lighter on and off.
  • When you receive your Phenom Lighter, it will come in its own black cotton pouch to use as a storage bag and to be used to wipe your lighter clean.
  • Your Phenom Lighter uses a highly conductive copper wire to ignite the heat. Over time it can burn through so we provide you a complementary coil to replace the old coil when it burns out.
  • Shipping is one of the most devastating parts of online shopping, so that is why we provide Free Shipping, at one cost… We spend up to 5 days creating your lighter itself, making sure all the finest things like the sound of the magnetic latch is as crisp as thick ice cracking. So due to this shipping takes up to two weeks to deliver to your doorstep. (With countries outside of the U.S., please allow up to 30 days for shipping).
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