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On average, one smoker will go through 3-5 lighters a month. Thats about 30,000-50,000 lighters a month for every 10,000 smokers. Now just imagine all the trash those lighters have created...

Introducing the Phenom Lighter

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V3 AKA "The Chief"

What is "The Chief"?

This is our favorite version so far so we had to match it with our favorite internet meme. "This is is Chief". So that is where we got the name, "The Chief" from! 

Enough about the name, what value does this version bring over the others?

Well for starters, this doesn't have the traditional, full-screen designs that the V1 and the V2 come with. But what this does still have is a rechargeable battery and an unblocked Plasma Lighter. 

Most Plasma lighters can light bowls but it is more of a struggle than using a normal lighter. With this version, throw away your plastic lighter. The Chief can handle any size bowl, joint, backwood, cigarette, fire, BBQ, and whatever you throw at the plasma. This is definitely it Chief.

V2 "The Taser"

What is the V2 Lighter?

The V2 Lighter, AKA "The Taser". 

The nickname, "The Taser" came from one of our employees, Yannick, who first saw the lighter. It's a pretty easy name to come up for it knowing it has a Dual-Beam Ignition System that looks just like a taser.

This was designed to light bowls, cigarettes, firewood, cook your meat (Not Recommended), and so much more! It is our step up from the O.G. (Read Below!) which is only limited to wraps. 

It also includes an Accurate Battery Gauge, Rechargeable Battery, Scratch-Resistant Alloy Frame, and the New and Improved Dual-Beam Ignition System.

V1 "O.G."

A Little About Our V1 Lighters

The "O.G." is our first lighter yet. It was our first design but we were proud of what it made us accomplish.

You could probably tell by just looking at it, the only thing that lighter could light is cigs and joints. Anything else would be too big. But that's wrong. 

This lighter has the ability to remove the cover surrounding the coil by simply pulling the cover off! This opens the coil which allows unlimited possibilities for the size of your wrap. 

In Conclusion, the V1 lighter is easy to light, quick to charge, and provides  durability to last you a lifetime, but it is also limited to just wraps.