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Whats Wrong with Buying Normal Lighters?

For starters, plastic lighters are bad for the environment, untrustworthy, temporary, unreliable, and they just don't look good enough. 

Lighting up with a plastic lighter is impossible when you're outside. Wind, Direction and so many other factors play such a big role in getting a flame. Plastic lighters are just unusable to start with.

That's Why We Made The Phenom Lighter

Buying a Phenom Lighter will not only guarantee you reliability, durability, and trustworthy use, but also a beautiful design.

Normal plastic lighters are made in China with cheap plastic and poor designs. While Phenom Lighters are made up of a high-grade Manganese Alloy (Alloy 3003) Frame. We also offer you the choice of a precision drawn Tiger, Wolf, or Dragon.

Buy Multi-Color Phenom Lighter

$ 19.99

$ 49.99

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why buying our lighter beats buying any other lighter

  • Lifetime Guaranteed Returns, Refunds, and Replacements

    If you somehow break your lighter or it breaks on you, We provide Lifetime Guaranteed Returns, Refunds, and Replacements for all of our products. Your proof of purchase is your device, so there's no need to keep a receipt! 

  • Reliability, Durability, and a Beautiful Design

    The moment we get an order, we go straight to work. We spend anywhere between 3-5 days to making our extremely accurate designs, our beautiful alloy colored frames, and of course the actual lighter. We do this because we want to make sure that when your lighter arrives at your doorstep, you can look at in awe without any second guesses about your purchase.

  • Free WorldWide Shipping

    We provide shipping for the entire world. Paying for shipping is something consumers don't want to have to deal with. So we listened and decided that we will pay for any shipping fees. 


Do the Animals light up?

Yes. our precision drawn animals do light-up. The thumbprint, battery, and animal all light-up with a blue background. Our animal engravings are extremely accurate and won't break when pressure is against the engraving.

What is your return policy like?

We want you guys feeling satisfied and trusted when you buy from us so that is why we provide 100% Lifetime Guaranteed returns, refunds, and replacements on broken lighters. Just send us an email to returns@phenomlighters.com with your reason for a return and you can decide if you want your money back or a brand-new one. We don't repair because we believe that you deserve a brand-new lighter of your choice even if the repairs are minor. 

Why is your shipping free?

Our shipping rates are free because our shipping can take up to 20 days in the United States and up to 30 for the rest of the world. Our Shipping takes so long because the moment we get your order, we go straight to work on your lighter. Making our extremely accurate engravings and beautiful designs takes us between 3-5 days to make. Also we receive a large amount of orders everyday so getting all your orders out backs up our shipping times. But we will get your Phenom Lighter out to you as quick as we can work!

Are their any extra costs?

NO WAY! We don't add any extra costs at all from the prices you see. You pay what you see. We handle Shipping and Handling for you at no additional cost and all taxes are left out from your cart and checkout.

What colors and designs do you guys provide?

We provide 6 different colors for every individual animal. Choose between Black, Blue, Chrome, Gold, Multi-Color, or Matte-Black for your color scheme and then choose between a Tiger, Wolf, or Dragon for your precision-engraved animal.