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On average, one smoker will go through 3-5 lighters a month. Thats about 30,000-50,000 lighters a month for every 10,000 smokers. Now just imagine all the trash those lighters have created...

Introducing the Phenom Lighter

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V3 AKA "The Chief"

What is "The Chief"?

 So out of all three versions, The V3 proved to be "The Chief" amongst all versions.

The Chief has an open laser, meaning it can light anything that stands in its path. To switch it on and off, simply lay your finger over the green laser beam sensor. Comes in 6 Different Colors! Upon first use you can really feel the durability of the solid Manganese Alloy Frame.

The Chief can handle any type of material you throw at the Double Arc Plasma Ignitors! You will never have to think about plastic lighters again.

V2 "The Taser"

What is the V2 Lighter?

The V2 Lighter, AKA "The Taser"

The Taser has the World's Strongest Dual-Beam Ignition System while also showing off its sleek, custom, Animal LED Designs.  Simply press it on and off by tapping the thumbprint touch-screen. This lighter even displays the battery life with the LED Gauge Lights at the top. Guaranteed you won't find a lighter with as many specs as this one!

 It is a step up from our V1 Lighter The O.G. which uses a coil ignition system.

Key features our V2 Lighter possesses is an Accurate Battery Gauge, Rechargeable Battery, Scratch-Resistant Alloy Frame, Custom LED Animal designs, and the New and Improved Dual-Beam Ignition System.

V1 "O.G."

A Little About Our V1 Lighters

The "O.G." is our first lighter yet. It was our first design and we are proud of how far it has gotten us.

This uses a coil ignition system and comes with one of a kind full-touchscreen Animal LED Display with your selection of a Wolf, Tiger, or Dragon.

This lighter comes equipped with a LED Battery Gauge letting you know exactly how long till you need to recharge.

In addition our V1 Lighter is very easy to disassemble and reassemble to clean/replace used coils.

In Conclusion, The V1 lighter is easy to light, quick to charge, and provides durability to last you a lifetime.